Health and Information Revolution

There are dramatic changes in the health sector right now as a result of information revolution. On May 12-13, 2004, SATELLIFE, Inc., the International Development Research Centre of Canada (IDRC), Uganda Chartered HealthNet, and Makerere University Faculty of Medicine hosted a successful conference on "Handheld Computers in Africa: Exploring the Promise for the Health Sector" in Entebbe, Uganda. The conference explored the benefits, challenges, and opportunities that handheld technology presents for the health sector in low resource environments and featured plenary addresses, panel and group discussions, and presentations. Please view the conference presentation materials and the final report.

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I am back

I had left the town in a bit of hurry. Now I am back. I will respond shortly to those who wrote me and will start posting regularly.

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Community Telecentres

Another e-book detailing case studies of community technology centres in Africa by Florence Etta and Shiela Parvyn-Wamahiu (CODESRIA/IDRC 2003). The book examines the setting, operations, and effects of community telecentres. It describes the telecentre experiences of a variety of local and often rural communities, exploring the management structures and mechanisms that have been established to support these telecentres. The book provides profiles of telecentre usage and discusses the potential and challenges of setting up and maintaining community telecentres in the context of poor information infrastructure and limited human capacity. It is relevant and useful for researchers, policy- and decision-makers, and development practitioners and professionals with interests or active programs in the area of "ICT for development," particularly those with a focus on universal access and universal-service or public-access centres. It is also very useful reference tool for scholars, students, and academics.

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e-Black Studies

eBlack Studies is a project in cyberspace. Its main purpose is to provide information for students and scholars in all academic fields that focus primarily on Africa and the African Diaspora.

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Gender and Information Revolution in Africa

You can get a copy of this e-book on gender and ICT revolution in Africa edited by Eva M. Rathgeber and Edith Ofwona Adera. The essays in the book examine the current and potential impact of the ICT explosion in Africa. They focus specifically on gender issues and analyze the extent to which women's needs and preferences are being served. The authors underscore the need for information to be made directly relevant to the needs of rural women, whether in the areas of agriculture, health, microenterprise, or education. They argue that it is not enough for women simply to be passive participants in the development of ICTs in Africa. Women must also be decision-makers and actors in the process of using the new ICTs to accelerate African economic, social, and political development

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Interesting project

This is a very interesting project using ICTs to promote the voice of Tonga people on the Internet. Tonga people live on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. You can also listen to the music of Thomas Mapfumo and his band, The Black Unlimited on the website.

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2nd Open Source Software Conference for Africa

The 2nd OSS (open source software) conference for Africa is taking place in South Africa on the 26 and 27 August, 2004. The main objective of the conference is to dispel myths and misunderstandings, which exist about open source software.

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Virtual Goree Island

"Do you remember the days of slavery? How they beat us. And how they worked us so hard. And they used us. 'Til they refuse us. While I remember, please remember."
These words are from one of my favourite songs, Slavery Days, by the grandfather of reggae, Burning Spear (he took his name from the Burning Spear of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya). In remembrance of slavery and slave trade take a virtual tour of the House of Slaves in the Goree Island, Senegal West Africa.

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Information Society Summit in Africa in 2005

The second phase of the world summit on information society will take place in Tunis, Tunisia, North Africa, next year. You can find all the information right here.

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