South African Online Industry Summit 2007

The South African Online Industry Summit is next February, 2007: The Online Industry Summit is a platform for industry leaders across Southern Africa to exchange views about the state of online and its developments. Different sectors have now realised the power of doing business online. With more of all media consumption shifting to one it is vital that you engage your customers through the web channel. While search and e-mail have often led the way brands are beginning to recognise the importance of on-line advertising in the digital mix and its effect on buying behaviour, online and off.

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Kenyans United: Online Videos

Kenyans United "enables Kenyans to watch videos, look at pictures, op-in to a SMS service which allows other Kenyans and businesses to deliver their news more quickly and easily. However, the main goal of the website is to bring Kenyans from all over the world closer and allow them to communicate with ease."

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Lusaka Sunrise: A Documentary

Lusaka Sunrise is a documentary by Smooth Feather Productions about the power of soccer in the fight against HIV-AIDS.

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Fair-Trade Handicrafts From Tanzania

The Amias Project specializes in hand-made, fair-trade accessories inspired by traditional Barabaig fashions.

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Speakers at TEDGlobal in Tanzania next year

The names of amazing speakers for the conference, TEDGLOBAL "Africa: the next chapter", have been released (including a Kenyan blogger, Kenyan Pundit). Take a look....

The conference is taking place in Arusha, Tanzania, June 4-7, 2007.

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