Bloggers who covered WSIS in Tunisia

After a long week working on the details of the project I am leading to write a people's constitution in Tanzania using simple social software, I have spent the day reading informative posts from bloggers who attended the WSIS in Tunisia. Here are some of them: Andy, Ethan, WSIS blogs, i-witness (PANOS), APC blog, Civiblog, Rebecca, and ICANN Watch.

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WSIS: Speakers at Expression Under Repression

A panel entitled "Expression Under Repression" was hosted by Hivos and organized by Global Voices during the WSIS summit in Tunisia. Read Ethan's posts about the panel: the opening remarks, Taurai Maduna (from Kubatana), Nart Villeneuve (from Citizen Lab), and Isaac Mao.

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WSIS: Hossein on Iranian Bloggers

Ethan writing from Tunisia: Hossein Derakshan at Expression Under Repression

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Vote for Global Voices: Deadline November 20

Vote for Global Voices for the best English Language blog in the Best of Blogs Awards. The link to where you can cast your vote is here.

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Kiswahili/Tanzanian bloggers: Cross-posted at Global Voices

Cross-posted at Global Voices weblog:
Kiswahili bloggers and Latest Voices From Tanzanian Blogosphere.

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Somebody's got to help me...

In my culture, when somebody writes about you like this, people will come running to help you with carrying your head!

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Africa in Camden, Maine

Ethan has written an excellent summary of the sunday morning session at Pop!Tech, which featured 10 young African innovators.

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Congratulations Anna and all Open Cafe folks

Open Cafe celebrated its first birthday on 21 October. One year of building open source communities in Africa. Check out their art initiative, ArtMarketOnline. And their Szavanna blog and OpenCafe blog.

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