Pop!Tech Conference

I have been live blogging in Kiswahili the Pop!Tech conference and havent been able to do anything on this blog. However, those who dont speak Kiswahili can follow the conference on Ethan's blog. Yes, and Ory (Kenyan Pundit) is also blogging in English.

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Peter Diamandis: Ndege za Binafsi za Kwenda Sayari za Mbali

This is what happens sometimes when you have more than one blog. I wrote the post below for my primary blog, Jikomboe, but made a mistake of posting it here!
Peter Diamandis anaongea dakika hii ninayoandika hapa. Huyu bwana kampuni yake inajihusisha na utengenezaji wa ndege za kibiashara za kibinafsi za kurusha watalii kwenda sayari za mbali. Mwaka 2001 Dennis Tito alikuwa ndio mtalii wa kwanza wa sayari za mbali. Safari za aina zinaelezewa kirefu katika kamusi elezo ya kiingereza. Bonyeza hapa.

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Pop!Tech Conference - Camden, Maine

I am in Camden, Maine attending this year's Pop!Tech conference as one of the young African leaders participating in this year's conference. I will mostly blog on primary blogging space, Jikomboe, in Kiswahili. Ethan and Ory are blogging in English...in case you dont speak Kiswahili!

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Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, Hoder...

Had a good conversation with Jimmy Wales about Kiswahili Wikipedia. I have just written about it on my Kiswahili blog. I have to go to my first session this morning. Ruby Sinreich of Lotus Media is talking about using the web creatively for political activism.

We have just learned that Hoder was not allowed to enter the country. He was going to lead a session later today on International Community and Blogging.

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ConvergeSouth: evening events

As part of the ConvergeSouth evening events, David and Jinni Hoggard have invited conference attendees to their house for barbecue...and that's where I am heading to right now. You can check out ConvergeSouth technorati links. Tommorow I will be working with an intern from Somalia, Warsame Guled, a second year print journalism major at A and T. I guess I may ask him to do some posts here while I am concentrating on my primary blog, Jikomboe. I have to go. After barbecue we have the choice of going to any of these venues ( free for conference participants).

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ConvergeSouth Going On...

ConvergeSouth conference is going on right now. I attended a wonderful session led by Sue Polinsky and Ed Cone. I have a detailed post here (yes, in Kiswahili!). Also a post in Kiswahili about We Media conference.

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Blogging in Gikuyu

A Kenyan poet and PhD student in the US, Gatua Wa Mbugwa, has started a blog in Gikuyu. My friend Gatua released a poetry CD in Gikuyu, Maitu ni Ma Itu (Our Mother is Our Truth), early this year.

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Globalization and Democracy: Helsinki Conference

Cross-posted at Global Voices.

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We Media Conference - October 5, 2005

As a result of a fellowship from the Media Center, I will blog the "We Media: Behold the Power of Us" conference, which will take place next week wednesday ( October 5, 2005) at the headquarters of the Associated Press in New York. The conference is about collaborations, collective intelligence, and participatory media. Here is the full program:

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