South African Online Industry Summit 2007

The South African Online Industry Summit is next February, 2007: The Online Industry Summit is a platform for industry leaders across Southern Africa to exchange views about the state of online and its developments. Different sectors have now realised the power of doing business online. With more of all media consumption shifting to one it is vital that you engage your customers through the web channel. While search and e-mail have often led the way brands are beginning to recognise the importance of on-line advertising in the digital mix and its effect on buying behaviour, online and off.

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Kenyans United: Online Videos

Kenyans United "enables Kenyans to watch videos, look at pictures, op-in to a SMS service which allows other Kenyans and businesses to deliver their news more quickly and easily. However, the main goal of the website is to bring Kenyans from all over the world closer and allow them to communicate with ease."

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Lusaka Sunrise: A Documentary

Lusaka Sunrise is a documentary by Smooth Feather Productions about the power of soccer in the fight against HIV-AIDS.

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Fair-Trade Handicrafts From Tanzania

The Amias Project specializes in hand-made, fair-trade accessories inspired by traditional Barabaig fashions.

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Speakers at TEDGlobal in Tanzania next year

The names of amazing speakers for the conference, TEDGLOBAL "Africa: the next chapter", have been released (including a Kenyan blogger, Kenyan Pundit). Take a look....

The conference is taking place in Arusha, Tanzania, June 4-7, 2007.

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Political Online Games From South Africa

Play these games to Extradite Mugabe, Save the World with "Peace of Shit," Help Thabo Mbeki Save the African Renaissance, etc.

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Tech4Africa 07: A web and technology conference

Do you think there is a need for a web and technology conference in Southern Africa? Your suggestions are welcome for Tech4Africa 07.

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Swahili computer game

UNICEF has released a Swahili computer game, Ungefanyaje?, to fight HIV/Aids in Africa.

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Open Source African Architecture

Cross-posted at Pop!Tech blog.

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Globall Voices Delhi 2006

Join Global Voices in Delhi! Here for more information.

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Umeme Jua and solar energy in Tanzania

Umeme Jua aims to make solar power affordable to customers in Tanzania, especially to the rural households and businesses.

*Umeme is Swahili word for electricity
*Jua is the Sun in Swahili

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Nobody should have nucleur weapons

Ted Turner, speaking at this event: The only solution for the threat of nucleur weapons in the world is:
nobody should have them!

Has the UN got the muscle to make this happen? That's the question.

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Dis-United United Nations

Whenever I hear discussions about UN reform, I immediately start singing Fela Kuti’s song, Beasts of No Nation. Beasts of No Nation is the first song Fela wrote after he was released from prison in Nigeria in 1986. This song speaks to me about what this organization really is. In his own words, a Dis-United United Nations.

Will they listen
? Perhaps as they did in Rwanda! And now in Darfur. And many more other places. You know what I mean.

After Fela came out of prison, many people wanted him to sing about life in prison. He decided, instead, to sing about the outside world where there are “animals who talk like human beings” (at UN conferences)! The outside world, he sings; while accompanied by hypnotic drums, guitars, horns, etc, is a crazy world.

This is what he says (the original song is in Nigerian Pidgin) about the United Nations and our world leaders “who hold meeting in de place dem call United Nations”:

Many leaders as you see them are in disguise
Animals in human skin
Animal puts on a tie
Animal wears agbada
Animal puts on a suit

These leaders in disguise
They hold meetings everywhere, they reach America
They call the place the United Nations
Hear oh another animal talk

What is united inside United Nations?
Who and who is united for United Nations?
There is no unity between Thatcher and Argentina
There is no unity between Reagan and Libya
Israel versus Lebanon
Iran versus Iraq
East West block versus West block East
Dis-United United Nations
One veto vote isequal to 92 (Or more)
What kind of sense is that, it is animal sense!

Meditate on Fela's words. And follow the conversation.

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UN/Reuters/Global Voices: Will They Listen?

On Tuesday, September 19, 2006, Reuters political news editor, Paul Holmes, will discuss with U.N.’s largest private donor, Ted Turner, among other things, UN reform and the media world. This is part of Newsmakers, a series of Reuters events. About 10 years ago, Turner donated $ 1 billion for United Nations programs. Global Voices will participate in the event by sharing your views with Ted Turner. More information about the event, which will be webcast live online, can be found here and here.

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Global Voices: grand prize winner for excellence and innovation

Global Voices receives the Grand Prize for excellence and innovation in journalism (so blogging is journalism, right?) at the Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism. What a joy! Read a detailed post at Global Voices.

Last year, Global Voices won a Best of Blog Award.

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Wikimania + Afrophonewikis

If you are interested in Wikipedias in African languages, you should join AfrophoneWikis. AfrophoneWikis is a discussion group on developing Wikipedias in African languages. I am involved with Swahili Wikipedia, which, as I am writing this, has over 1,051 articles!

I recently attended Wikimania conference in Boston. Ethan has written a very insightful article about critical issues and questions that came out of the conference. My posts about the conference are in Kiswahili.

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Use your computer to fight African Humanitarian causes

AFRICA@home is a website for volunteer computing projects which allow your computer to contribute to African humanitarian causes.

As part of this project, volunteer computing is used to fight malaria in Africa. More...

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ICT Africa 2006

In case you are wondering...I was here.
Now, mark your calendar: ICT Africa 2006.

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