Bloggers who covered WSIS in Tunisia

After a long week working on the details of the project I am leading to write a people's constitution in Tanzania using simple social software, I have spent the day reading informative posts from bloggers who attended the WSIS in Tunisia. Here are some of them: Andy, Ethan, WSIS blogs, i-witness (PANOS), APC blog, Civiblog, Rebecca, and ICANN Watch.


Catman said...

very interesentig site, i invites you to visit mine at http://catmangirona.blogspot.com

Janie said...

Where can I read more about this people's constitution????

Ndesanjo Macha said...

We are still working in the background, we got lots of issues to sort out. But we are planning to use this blog to document the process. The blog will be both in Kiswahili and English. There blog has one Kiswahili post at the moment. You can send me you address or keep coming back here for more info. Here is the blog: http://uhuru.civiblog.org/