Remix Digital Culture Competition

Creative Commons South Africa invites digital video, artwork, and interactive displays that expresses your view of African digital creativity, remixing and innovation. Make use of public domain, Creative Commons-licenced materials or your ownoriginal work - or a mixture - to create something truly inspiring! The prize is R6,000.
To enter the competition, produce either one of the following:. a digital video (max. 60 seconds); Or a digital artwork; or a digital info-graphic that, in your view, expresses the essence of African Digital Creativity, Remixing and Innovation. Interactive work that requires an internet connection is encouraged.
The deadline is 31 July, 2005. Email submissions to HFordSA@gmail.com.
Copyright licencing: All submissions will be licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 licence (More details 'Free Culture' by Lawrence Lessig ; the creative commons; the Internet Archive; and creative commons South Africa.
Judges include LarryLessig, Christo Doherty, Marcus Neustetter and Nathaniel Stern.
This prize is sponsored by the International Development Research Centre(IDRC).

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