PamojaConnect: Connecting the web, SMS, twitter, Googla Map for Villagers in Africa

PamojaConnect (Pamoja means together in Kiswahili) is a new project intending to connect the web and SMS:

It connects on the web and through mobile-sms allowing everyone to be part of the conversation. One of the cool things is that with just a low-end mobile phone someone in a remote village I can send a text message to PamojaConnect. For instance, that message could tell about the work their Self-Help Group is doing to improve their native habitat — telling how it brings jobs to uneducated youth and helps prevent flooding in the area and improves the crops.

Now someone in the who lives in a remote village in Kenya has never used a computer or the internet, but they have access to a mobile phone. With PamojaConnect that message is integrated as if they used a computer. It is posted live to Pamoja where it shows up on the Google Map and is broadcast on Twitter. The message is now public and people from all over can respond.

PamojaConnect blog.

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