Do I have to go back to London?

I just realized what makes me love Edinburgh. First, people are more relaxed (and drunk?). In London, everybody seems to be stressed about something. The whole city seems to be late for something. Many Africans I saw over there have permanent frowns on their faces. Greener pastures might not be that green. Lots of them seem to be somewhere else: thinking about the landlord?
Second, in Edinburgh it is easier for me to find my way around. Somebody from Panos said something about Edinburgh being a manageable city. I wonder if Mzizima, the largest city in Tanzania is manageable to visitors.

Right now, Live 8 concert on TV is in South Africa. A group of musicians are singing the South African national anthem, Nkosi Sikeleli, which happens to be the same national anthem, in different languages though, in Zambia and Tanzania. We have been watching some of Live 8 performances. Whoever was deciding which performance was to be aired must not like African music. The few times they showed African musicians, it only lasted for 6 sconds.

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I was watching the concert and was thinking the same