Talking about blogging and G8 on BBC

John and I just got back from Bush house where we had two interviews for BBC Go Digital and BBC Kiswahili Service on blogging, journalism, G8, etc. Tomorrow morning (5:30am and 6:30am) I will be on BBC Network Africa talking about blogging at the G8 summit. That will be few hours before I leave for the US.


Black River Eagle said...

Thanks for the tip on the BBC World Service interviews. Unfortunately the audio features are no longer archived at their site and you have to mess around a bit to find what you are looking for, so you may want to help your readers out with that inconvenience.

The PANOS AfricaVox project for bloggers and African journalists covering the G8 Summit 2005 was an excellent idea and much appreciated by those of us with a strong interest in Africa. I do hope that the journalists who have started new weblogs for the event will continue to inform us and entertain us with their blogs long after the G8 Summit has ended.

I've shown a (Tanzanian) professor friend of mine here in Germany what is happening in the Kiswahili sector of the Blogosphere recently. I watched tears come to his eyes as he read your stuff and the writing of others. He was so excited and happy as you can well understand. Keep up the good work, you are making an impact on people's lives with your writings.

Anonymous said...

I listened to network Africa. Good work.

Maureed said...

Interesting stuff but the programme was a bit short and much detail about blogs especially with citizen journalists and london bombing.

Maureed said...

Sorry I meant to say there wasn't much detail about blogging