Blogging Helsinki Conference 2005

I was supposed to be leaving tommorow for Finland. But since my passport has not been delivered, and tommorow being a public holiday (it will be delivered tuesday morning), I will leave on Tuesday. I am going to attend the Helsinki Conference 2005, which is a result of a joint initiative between the governments of Tanzania and Finland addressing issues of democracy and globalization. The first conference was in 2002.
Lots of activities related to the general theme of the conference have been taking place. For example, a number of organizations have arranged various events in Helsinki around the theme: Democratising Globally. Also, there is a Youth Conference.
As part of the Helsinki process, civil society actors from both the North and South are brought together to tackle the negative impacts of globalization through a participatory mechanism called the Citizens' Global Platform.

Take a look a the list of speakers and the conference program.
I will report on the conference and other related activities on this blog, my primary blog (in Kiswahili), Jikomboe, and also Global Voices weblog.

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