Why talk?

I am introducing a guest blogger from Malaysia, Vkii. Vkii is the editor of the Malaysian online newspaper, Malysiakini.

Hi! I´m Vkii and I am from Malaysia. I know Macha by reputation only previously but here in Helsinki I have met him finally. If you ask me - cool dude with cool principles.

The Helsinki Conference is all about talking. But believe me, here the talk serves a purpose. You have to talk FIRST. Then only can u sort out your differences. And that is what the world is about. Differences.

So let´s talk about them. Let´s meet. It is the first step. The whole problem may not be solved just by talking with each other but at least we will know how the others FEEL. And that is the bridge that will take us a step closer to an answer.

Let`s recognise that there are a lot of us in this world and each and every one has a right to be here. There is going to be friction (it is inevitable. we`re humans) but that is not insurmountable.

Know that we can work together, know that we can sort out differences. know that all can be satisfied. Know also that this can be achieved.

Have first faith in the talk.

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