Earlier today, Mary Robinson, the former Irish president of Ireland (her Irish name is Máire Bhean Mhic Róibín), and the Director of Ethical Globalization Iniative, said that the world leaders have a very serious moral obligation to ensure that poverty is tackled, not with wordy reports but concrete actions.
Speaking during the plenary session on the Helsinki Process Outcome and the Way Forward at the Helsinki Conference 2005, she said, "The world is not short of good report or good ideas. There is a sense of frustration about these reports, we don’t get to the stage of implementation."
What makes the Helsinki Process a unique iniative, she observed, is its inclusive approach, which emphasizes the role of a vast range of stakeholders such as trade unions, academic institutions, governments, civil society, the media, private sector, etc., and its commitment to putting human rights and dignity at the center of the globalization debate.
**Photo: Mary Robinson speaking to reporters this afternoon.

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